Allegiance and Protection Demands Interposition, not Nullification

Allegiance and Protection Demands Interposition, not Nullification

Interposing is an absolute duty under the ancient inherent sovereign principle of Allegiance and Protection.

Never heard of Allegiance and Protection? It is noted at least three times by the Apostle Paul, (xi) three times in the Declaration of Independence (xii) and it is the “allegiance” you refer to when you say ” I pledge allegiance to the flag . . .” and has been recognized by the Supreme Court in many cases. (xiii) (Read complete article here.)

The States have a duty to interpose any time anything or anyone threatens our rights, including our right to “Life, Liberty” and property. If a hostile band of Canadians unexpectedly sweep down from the north to conquer and pillage, the states have a duty to stop those wild-eyed Canadians.

They have a similar duty to stop the general government from “infringing” upon our right and duty to be armed, to stop it from regulating our personal property rights out of existence, or from indefinitely “detaining” us without a warrant based on probable cause issued by an independent judge.  James Madison referred to this duty in the Virginia Resolution of 1798. (xiv)

Interposing means exactly what it says: for the State to get between its citizens and the interloper. If the interloper wants the citizens, it must go through the State to accomplish its objective.

If the interloper is the general government preparing to unlawfully confiscate a citizen’s arms, or to indefinitely detain a citizen without benefit of a probable cause arrest warrant, there is really no other way to protect the citizen’s rights but physically get in the way of the feral federal agents. Interposing is a duty; it is not an option!

Richard D. Fry
General Counsel, Patriot Coalition